Plus a sneak peak at my 2021 word of the year and why I chose it…

This post pretty much frames itself 😂 but in case you’re reading this in the distant future, 2020 flipped the world upside down and we had to adapt. Fast.

Over the past 12 months I’ve made and implemented some big, exciting business decisions, and learned some challenging and necessary lessons.

Here’s the round up:

I’ve definitely done my fair share of both 😬, but ultimately 2020 has been a crash course in how to respond and make the best decision as quickly as possible.

Gather round for a quick strategy session on all things BFCM as a service-based business owner

Ever thought of creating a Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) deal for your small business, but been held back by fear and uncertainty?

Questions like…

  • But what should my offer be?
  • How should I price it?
  • What if I lose money?
  • What if no-one buys?
  • How do I stand out against the competition?
  • What if my clients think I’m stupid or a sell-out?

I feel ya! So many questions, and all totally valid concerns. …

📷 — Jenny Jay

On July 11th, 2019 I learned my Nan had inoperable cancer in her abdomen.

On July 13th, I got on a plane and flew home to the UK.

The 48 hours in between?

I led 2 x group coaching calls, a guest mastermind spot, and a 1:1 VIP day.

Six weeks, and six flights later (I flew back to Canada to film a course in between, obviously) I kissed my Nan goodbye in Beechcroft Green nursing home for the last time.

On August 27th, we had our final goodbye at her funeral.

Seven days later, I had my first day…

📷 — Jenny Jay

Adele broke the internet this week.

Not because she co-wrote another film score, or recorded another genre-defining album.

Not because she broke another industry record, or won another accolade or award.

Not because she created yet another moment-defining, groundbreaking piece of art.

But because of the size of her f*cking waist.

Now, don’t get me wrong, reaching any goal is a huge achievement. If that goal happens to be losing 7 stone, then power to you. For many folks, gaining or maintaining weight is the goal.

Either way, the amount of energy, focus, dedication, and straight up discipline it takes…

📷 Jenny Jay

What do Kat, Sudduf, Jenny, Rachel, and Britt’s pivots have in common — aside from being epic? Read on to find out…

If you’re anything like me, you might’ve picked up on what is fast becoming THE 2020 online trend / bandwagon / buzzword…

Nope, I’m not having a jab at TikTok (although you can click here to see my epic fail at #blindinglightschallenge)

I’m talking about the mighty PIVOT.

*cue the most overused GIF on the internet rn*

Credit: Jenny Jay /

Be honest — how’s your week been?

IDK if it’s the same for you… this is all starting to wear a bit thin, don’t you think?

Perhaps, like me, your creativity and humour has started to shrivel up like a prune on a sun lounger…

… and with no coffee shop to pop out to, no chance encounters to reflect on, and no people watching to indulge in, inspiration levels have been in *ahem* shorter supply than I’d like to admit.

Fresh out of ideas, last night I resorted to asking my research scientist husband — “What on earth should…

You’ve put time, effort, energy, creativity (and a lil’ bit of your own soul, let’s be honest) into carefully crafting your content, and then someone goes and ruins your fun by leaving a negative comment on one of your pics.

Ugh. Way to kill the vibe. What now?

I recently supported a client through one of these icky situations, so thought it might be handy to share some tips. Here’s my simple three-step plan of attack for dealing with negative vibes on your page. Here we go.

Imagine you’re a customer trying to make an in-store complaint and the cashier…

I’m often challenged on why I charge for my initial consultations. I get it. The vast majority of freelancers don’t. However, I gotta say — billing for consults is vital; for the health of your business, and for your own self-worth.

Katy the Copywriter + Claire McCallum Creative Studio

When I’m on-boarding a new client, I typically give them three options:

  1. 15-minute Discovery Call (free) — This is my free, no-strings-attached option; A ‘getting to know you’ phone call, typically following-up after a networking event or referral. It’s a chance for us both to ask questions, and to get a sense of whether we’re a good fit.
  2. 30-minute…

Last night, I popped out to buy bread and tampons. One onslaught of aggressive verbal harassment, a panic attack, a sleepless night, and a cascade of resurfaced trauma and anxiety later, here’s everything I wish I’d said to him — along with everything that I did.

Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

“Another tough day fighting the patriarchy?” — You casually mock me, glancing at the box of jumbo tampons in my left hand.

  1. Yes, and it’s been a good one actually. I delivered some great work for my clients (I’m my own boss, don’t you know) from my co-working office space (that’s just for women…

Actual self-advocacy steps to help you pitch and win business at your next networking event. AKA. How to sell your services without feeling awkward or pushy.

Katy the Copywriter + Claire McCallum Creative Studio

“I’m brilliant at… you should hire me because…”

“I’d be the perfect person to help you with that…”

“I’m great at solving problems like this — you should get me involved!”

Why, oh why, do we find promoting ourselves so hard?

Is it doubt in our own ability? Is it to avoid rejection, to avoid hearing ‘no’? Or is it fear of how we’re perceived? …

Katy Prince

(she/her) Copywriting Expert and Sales Coach for service-based entrepreneurs. Inclusive approach to success. Squirm-Free approach to sales.

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