9 Content ideas for non-salesy emails to send to your list right now

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Be honest — how’s your week been?

IDK if it’s the same for you… this is all starting to wear a bit thin, don’t you think?

Perhaps, like me, your creativity and humour has started to shrivel up like a prune on a sun lounger…

… and with no coffee shop to pop out to, no chance encounters to reflect on, and no people watching to indulge in, inspiration levels have been in *ahem* shorter supply than I’d like to admit.

Fresh out of ideas, last night I resorted to asking my research scientist husband — “What on earth should I write my email about this week?”

(Poor guy is in self-isolation with his in-laws right now — send him some telepathic good vibes if get feel pls) Here’s the list he came up with:

Email ideas my husband, Luke, sent me in an iNote

Not bad, eh?

Some of those headlines don’t even need work!

In fact, I thought these 9 ideas were sooooo good, that I’d pitch them to YOU as ideas to spark your next post, email, blog, article, live video (just in case your inspo is also in short supply rn)

[BTW, I’d love to know which of these ideas you plan to implement! Comment below and let me know — OR — tag me in your post on the socials @itskatyprince]

1. 3 Business/Life/Fitness *insert sphere of genius here* lessons from navigating brewing at-home drama ‼️

Relatable AF. You know for certain that you have a common experience with your customers right now, in that you’re seeing A LOT of the same people.

Recount a recent story of how you overcame an at-home argument or challenge, and pull out the lessons that relate to your area of expertise.

2. Why I’m naming and shaming everyone who’s ever had a failed payment plan… 🗣️

WOAH open rate ALERT 🚨 If this Click-Baity McBaitface doesn’t explode your open rate, I don’t know what will!

To be clear, I DO NOT approve of naming and shaming (obvs — eww) this title is simply intended to get eyes on your stuff — from there, you could take it in a few directions:

- money mindset (if you’re attracting failed payments, take a look at your own spending)

- practical tips / swipe messages for business owners handling failed payments

- advice on setting personal boundaries and how to check in with what feels good to you

3. Is it me, or is Venus a little brighter in the night sky than before? 🌟

Light pollution is down, and the stars appear brighter in the night sky than before. This could be developed into a beautiful metaphor for:

- letting go of habits that no longer serve you

- delegating tasks to a VA and staying in your zone of genius

- taking an audit of who you follow on social media

4. Discounted Easter eggs 🐣

Most retailers bought their Easter Eggs before the pandemic took hold, and as a result, are now selling them very very cheap. You could go as serious or as silly as you like with this one,

You could teach lessons about supply and demand… Or how about hosting an online Easter Egg eating party, and everyone shares a food-blogger style review?

5. Importance of good back support 💺

Since Luke and I are in lockdown at my folks’ house, we don’t have our usual “stuff” here, and have suffered the consequences. He has scoliosis and I manage lower back pain, so it didn’t take us long to go ahead and order a new mattress and office chairs (with a 3-week lockdown extension just announced, I am VERY grateful we did this, despite the 💸)

Already, we’re more rested, more productive, and in a better mood — what better metaphor for investing in yourself? Coaches, you should totally swipe this one!

6. What would MDK do? (Million Dollar Katy) 💰

My husband asks me this question when I’m struggling to make a tough decision or solve a challenging problem. He reminds me to check in with my future self to ask for guidance, instead of reverting to fear and overwhelm.

You could share a story of how YOU made a difficult decision by looking forwards, instead of back (and obvs you’re going to replace K/Katy with your name!)

7. What to do if you find an illegal gambling operation in the basement of your club 🎲

Yes, we’re watching The Marvellous Mrs Maisel, too. (Who isn’t?) We just got to season 3, and Joel’s latest infuriatingly dense move was to sign a lease on a club without taking a proper look around first.

You could develop this into a lesson about rash decision-making, and what steps to take (as it relates to your niche/industry) to bounce back from clumsy mistakes.

8. The joys of being sober in quarantine 🥤

Fun fact: after a lifetime of alcohol and substance abuse and self-destructive cycles (I first got loaded aged 14 — woo, throwback) I’ve now been fully sober for almost three years. I’m mega grateful to 27-year-old Katy for making that decision. It. Is. AMAZING. And… it’s serving me well during this quarantine time.

When you get sober, you have to learn to like yourself without any “enhancement” or “blur” applied. You start being with yourself 24/7 instead of numbing yourself when it gets too much. It’s not easy — and not much fun and first — but it was the ultimate “coping in self-isolation” bootcamp, and for that I’m very grateful.

What personal experience could you pull from to share coping strategies with your audience?

9. “Jonks jonks jonks” 😂

Ok, last one, and it’s daft. My little brother is at home too. We pretty much speak our own language of code words and in-jokes (bepis, mattiss, bebas, jonks, and funty are all part of our daily vocab)

Why not pull your audience a little closer, and let them in on some family in-jokes? You could do a “glossary” type post, or write an email in “family code” and offer a prize for the best attempted translation?

💡 So there you have it} — 9 content ideas for non-salesy emails to send to your list right now.

Inspiration drought be gone!

One last thing, before I go — Being tight on inspiration is one thing — but perhaps it’s not the only thing in short supply?

If there was a way to easily (and ethically) close 5 new clients in the next 21 days, without feeling icky, awkward, or pushy about it… …what kind of an impact would that make in your business right now?

In response to the *overwhelming* number of messages I’ve received, along the lines of:

“But I can’t sell my offer because everyone is so price conscious right now…”

“Isn’t it insensitive to pitch at a time like this…?”

“I’m scared it’s not ethical asking people to spend money during such uncertain times…”

I’ve decided to release an epic bundle of my most popular sales trainings at a no-brainer price point, so you can generate Squirm-Free cash inside your business, NOW. 💸

I’ll be dropping the goods at 4pm EST today — keep your eyes peeled — and if you really can’t wait — here’s a sneak preview of what’s included.

Take care, pals,

Katy x

PS. Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know which of these content ideas you’re planning to run with!

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(she/her) Copywriting Expert and Sales Coach for service-based entrepreneurs. Inclusive approach to success. Squirm-Free approach to sales. www.katyprince.com

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