7 Reasons all freelance creatives should charge for their initial consultations

I’m often challenged on why I charge for my initial consultations. I get it. The vast majority of freelancers don’t. However, I gotta say — billing for consults is vital; for the health of your business, and for your own self-worth.

Katy the Copywriter + Claire McCallum Creative Studio
  1. 30-minute Pick My Brains Call ($) — This is my on-the-fence option; Ever get stuck in an email back-and-forth with a prospective client with endless questions? Suggesting a longer call, or a short meeting (with a small fee) is a great way to give their questions your undivided attention, without compromising your need to bill for your time.
  2. 60-minute Power Hour ($$) — This is my ok-lets-do-this option; One hour of consultancy time = three hours of my time; An hour beforehand, researching their business and critiquing what they’ve sent over for discussion; An hour during the consultation, delivering value, listening, and responding to the client’s needs; An hour afterwards, pulling together our notes or action plan and an individually tailored proposal.

Still not convinced?

Here are 7 really, really good reasons to start charging for your time:

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