5 Pivots to Inspire You (Plus swipe-able market research Qs)

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What do Kat, Sudduf, Jenny, Rachel, and Britt’s pivots have in common — aside from being epic? Read on to find out…

If you’re anything like me, you might’ve picked up on what is fast becoming THE 2020 online trend / bandwagon / buzzword…

Nope, I’m not having a jab at TikTok (although you can click here to see my epic fail at #blindinglightschallenge)

I’m talking about the mighty PIVOT.

*cue the most overused GIF on the internet rn*

Before you send me a snarky “ack-chuall-eeeee Katy it’s suuuper iMpOrTaNt 2 pivot rn but woteva” reply, I wanna be clear that I am a BIG FAN of business owners who are switching their stuff up to still serve their communities.

My pals Sudduf, Britt, Kat, Jenny, and Rachel, are all great examples:

Sudduf took her Ramadan Market online, developing an in-person experience into The Muslim Market Show IGTV series; giving her vendors a platform, and encouraging her community to still buy their Ramadan gifts from independent businesses… (Check out The Muslim Market Show now)

Squirmie grad Britt introduced a new “Mini” offering, alongside her signature GTFO coaching program, so folks can “try before they buy” without getting freaked out about making a big commitment. (Her stories give you the low-down)

Kat had to cancel a full calendar of in-person workshops and retreats around the world. Yikes. Her response? Whip up a sales page, and launch a half-day virtual content planning workshop. So far she’s served over 360 entrepreneurs — including me! (There’s a handful of spots left for this Saturday’s workshop — highly recommend)

As a photographer and videographer, Jenny’s calendar of upcoming work disappeared overnight. She’s flipping things around by teaching folks HOW to create their own professional video content at home, using their smartphone or webcam. (Her waitlist will open up any day now)

Rachel’s downtown Toronto co-working space was forced to close, but that hasn’t stopped her running two sold-out 4 week online accountability challenges AND launching a brand new virtual membership any day now… (get on her freaking email list immediately so you don’t miss this)

But you wanna know what else these business owners have in common? (as well as their bomb pivots)

➡️ If you guessed an eye-watering Facebook ads spend… you’d be wrong.

➡️ If you guessed undercutting their own pricing, or offering expertise for free… you’d be wrong.

➡️ And if you guessed having a super elaborate orchestrated launch that had been on the calendar for months… well, obviously, you’d be wrong there!

The success of Sudduf, Britt, Kat, Jenny, and Rachel’s authentic and frankly genius pivots is down to a simple, but effective process — that (good news) YOU TOO can implement right away:

They asked their audience, and then they LISTENED.

Yes, there are a growing number of so-called experts out there, advising (sooooometimes verging on shaming) you to burn your high-ticket offer to the ground and cheapen your deal overnight…

… using their “foolproof online course formula” or “unfuckupable digital product blueprint” or whatever they’re selling you, obvs.

AND the reality is that NO-ONE ELSE ON THE PLANET is qualified to tell you how to pivot YOUR BUSINESS.

Not your coach.

Not your mom.

Not your business BFF.

That’s between you and your audience.

Which begs the question; have you checked in with your audience lately?

If that’s an awkward “errm… nope” — here are a few bomb questions you can edit* and use to kick off those convos and find out what your peeps need from you:

1️⃣ “What do you need support with most right now, in relation to __(your area of expertise)__?”

2️⃣ “What’s the main thing that’s stopping you from getting ___(desired result)___ at the moment?”

3️⃣ “What’s one thing that would make it easier for you to ___(take specific action / make specific decision)___ right now?”

4️⃣ “How much time / money / energy would you be willing to invest on a daily / weekly / monthly basis in order to get more of ___(desired result)____?”

5️⃣ “If there was a way to ___(get desired result / outcome)___ in the next __(promised timeframe)___, without ____(main thing that’s stopping you)___ — would you be willing to (make the decision to start)____?”

*remember to edit these Qs so they sound like YOU — not templates from an email you read!

There we have it!

Five pivoting heroes to admire — go give Sudduf, Kat, Britt, Rachel, and Jenny a virtual high five on the ‘gram, will ya?

And if you’ve actioned your own audience-inspired pivot, let me know in the comments below, so I can celebrate you, too.

Katy x

PS. Don’t forget to comment below and fill me in on your audience-inspired pivot.

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